Info about SAK fish food

SAK offers a high quality extruded fish food for all ornamental fish from young fish to farmed fish. SAK fish food is available as granules in various grain sizes to suit all fish sizes. Most varieties are also available as flake food.

A high concentration of natural nutrients, supplemented with important vitamins and minerals, is essential for optimal growth and healthy development of the fish.

All SAK products are – thanks to the extrusion process – particularly easy to digest and highly effective in terms of energy. Therefore, even small doses lead to brilliant results.

The fish food gradually sinks to the bottom without clouding the water. The granulate is soft and does not disintegrate.

Astaxantine and paprika pigment accentuate the colourfulness of your fish. The result is particularly visible on species whose natural colour is yellow, orange or red. In other species, the expressive colours are intensified.
Chlorella: growth-promoting ingredients
Dunaliella: highest concentration of carotenoids of all algae
Spirulina: rich in proteins, carotenoids, vitamins and minerals

SAK fish feed is extruded, i.e. the cell walls of all organic substances contained in the feed are destroyed by negative pressure. This significantly increases the digestibility of the feed because the nutrients hidden in the cells are made more easily accessible to the digestive tract. The feed digestibility of an extruded feed is much higher than is possible with expanded or flaked feed. The consumption of this feed is therefore much lower (about 60 %) than with conventionally produced feed.

Like other animals, fish should not be overfed. An overfed fish cannot digest its food properly. The unused nutrients are excreted again, thus polluting the water and can cause infections. So in this case not much helps!

SAK fish food should therefore be dosed sparingly, because its energy value is very high and even small doses achieve brilliant results. It has a balanced nutrient content, so you don’t need anything else to feed your fish healthy. You can use different SAK varieties for an occasional menu change.

If your fish have not been fed a granulated food before, it may take a few days for them to get used to it. In the beginning you should only feed very small amounts, which can be slowly increased. This conversion process should be completed within a week.

All SAK fish feeds are suitable for automatic feeders!

Special AquaristiK food has been on the market since 1994 and has been continuously improved since then. EXOT HOBBY GmbH is the exclusive manufacturer of SAK.

In addition to the feed types offered in the shop, SAK offers other types (and another larger grain size) such as SAK Koi for e.g. Koi, SAK Pond for pond fish, SAK Gold for carp fish such as crucians, goldfish, barbels, SAK Color and SAK 55. We can get all types at short notice.